Stay in Sync with Your New Home in Chicago

May 04, 2013

technology for new homes in ChicagoThanks to advances in technology, your are now able to communicate with your home in more ways than ever, even while you’re not there. Here’s a look at five apps that allow you to be in sync with your new home in Chicago:

If you’re a bit chilly and would like to walk into a warm, cozy home, you can now sync your mobile device to your thermostat, and change the temperature with the flick of a finger. The NEST Thermostat allows for you to adjust your home’s heating or air remotely, so you never have to give it time to cool down or heat up again. Just get it going when you’re on your way home, and it’ll be perfect upon your arrival.

Keyless entry has been a huge addition to the car world, and now it’s crossed over to homes. Why should cars have all the fun? There are now keyless deadbolt applications from Schlage and Lockitron that allow for remote entry from your cellphone. Lost your keys? Doesn’t matter anymore as long as you have your phone!

Maybe you like to leave a light on for Fido when you’re away, but you forgot to do so. No problem. LiftMaster’s MyQ Technology allows homeowners to have control over their interior lights, gates, doors, garages and more from the palm of their hand. Swipe that finger, and Fido’s no longer left in the dark! There is even a new app designed to feed your cat when you’re out of town.

Scanomat is a new app that syncs to your coffee maker to get a fresh pot brewing right when you need it! Once you have your drink in hand, enjoy to the sounds of your favorite band with the Sonos app, which taps into your wireless system, allowing music to follow you in every room.

If you feel like checking in on the kids during a night out, applications such as Vivint home Security allow you to check on your home by syncing with your security system.

With apps such as these and even more new ones being introduced into the market all of the time, it’s safe to say that our homes are getting a whole lot smarter.

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