Stronger Codes Aid Disaster Prevention

May 26, 2013

Illinois building codesAs a continuation of Building Safety Month during the month of May, the next topic we will be exploring is that of building codes.

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has a long-lasting tradition of helping those who fall victim to natural disasters. From collecting donations after plaguing hurricanes via the Home Builders Disaster Relief Fund to helping sponsor rebuilding events, homebuilders are always generous when it comes to recovery from nature’s misfortunes.

In order to establish uniform standards for safety and health in new homes, apartments and other buildings, the industry has enacted building codes. The NAHB has supported them from the start, working to ensure that every homebuyer rests assured that houses in different states are built to the same codes and safety regulations. These codes are constantly changing as a result of manufacturers making improvements to materials, technology and gains in energy efficiency. However, when natural disasters strike, the public begins searching for a culprit, and officials come to the conclusion that building codes need to be tightened and made stronger.

Any home built to any version of the codes will have significantly more protection as opposed to those who don’t follow the parameters. The NAHB believes it is crucial for builders to follow current, nationally vetted codes, and for inspectors to make sure that the finished product follows their outline.

However, these codes do have some drawbacks, including raising the price of the home due to construction costs. Tax and insurance payments on these new homes will also sometimes outweigh the value of the improvements made. Nonetheless, making sure the homes you build or the home you own is up-to-date in terms of building codes is important. For more information on the NAHB’s policy towards building codes and more tips for Building Safety Month, visit

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