Jenny Batt: Fourth of July Garland

June 29, 2013

Hi everyone! My name is Jenny of Hank and Hunt. Fourth of July is all about the red, white and blue, but add an extra shade like turquoise and you have a little more kick than the traditional décor you will see at everyone’s BBQ.  Skip the white in the decorations and use deep aqua instead with bright reds and blues. Set it all out on a bright white table topped with white flowers and watch the colors pop. Making garlands that are festive with a modern twist is my specialty and I’m going to show you how to do it using different sized honeycomb balls.

 4th of July home decor


You will need:

For the rectangular shape, keep the honeycomb ball unfolded and trim with heavy-duty shears horizontally across both ends, squaring off the top and bottom edges of the ball.  Trim also from top to bottom on the outer edge, forming the rectangle.



For the diamond shape, mark a center point on the curved edge that is even from the top and bottom. Cut from each corner in a straight line to the center point.


To make the garland, make a variety of shapes and plan a pattern for your garland. Cut a length of embroidery thread for your space and lay flat on the floor.  Lay the honeycomb shapes flat. Add three glue dots to the center of the honeycomb (by the stapled side) and a few extra on the edges of the cardboard. Lift the embroidery thread and place the stapled center edge underneath. Unfold the honeycomb and press to secure the adhesive. Add more, mixing and matching the shapes to your desire, spacing each shape about 3-5 inches apart. Continue down the thread until you reach the other end. Be sure to leave about 1 foot on each end to hang.



Another option? You don’t even have to cut anything, the 5” honeycomb balls look great on their own as garland.  Just add a few extra glue dots to secure each ball to the thread and hang as is. Experiment, try out different combinations like I did with a variety of shapes and sizes and have a good time.

Happy 4th of July!



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