Organize This: The Living Room!

July 21, 2013

TREND:  Boldly Painted Shelving

I really love that the shelves above, went from out-of-the-box typical to extraordinary, with a coat of bright yellow paint.  It makes for such a brilliant focal point in the living area, and the organizing obsessed gal I am, is also really smitten with the abundance of storage that these shelves add to the space as well.

There are many great ways to bring unique and budget friendly storage solutions into a family friendly space, and have it still blend seamlessly with your style and decor.   Even if the space is typically used for snuggles, good reads, movie watching, popcorn eating and board game playing, the room can still marry family fun and function all at once.   The room is meant to be lived in after all!

Built-ins are another trend, but I think we can all agree it is one of those timeless trends that have been around forever and will not be going anywhere, anytime soon.

Built-in storage in the living room is a great way to balance a desire for style, by displaying decorative objects on upper open shelves, and offering concealed storage for games, magazines and media below.

Let’s take a moment to chat about media storage.

All of those multi-colored CD and DVD cases can quickly make a room feel cluttered and busy, so tucking them within drawers and behind cabinet doors is often times and ideal option.


When concealed storage is not an option, sorting them down by category and placing them into decorative boxes, really streamlines the look and keeps them simple to find.

Sideboards, dressers and buffets all make for ideal media storage.  When an older piece is given new life with a fresh coat of paint, it becomes the perfect mixture of concealed storage below, and a place to set the TV above.

Do you have remote control monsters in your house?  The ones that sneak around in the night and hide remotes in the most random places and they go missing for days at a time?  A remote caddy is a great way to solve the monster problem.  If the remotes don’t have a place to live when not in use, it becomes a challenge to find them when it is time to kick your feet up and watch the news.   A caddy offers a great place to keep the remotes, along with all smaller living room necessities.

Storage ottomans will become your best friend in any family space.  They are perfect for holding toys, crafts, games and even all of those bulky video game controllers and accessories.

When not in use, the storage ottoman can do double duty as a coffee table, by adding a sturdy tray to the top.  Trays are a really great way to corral those smaller things, such as reading glasses, the newspaper and a notepad to jot down random thoughts.

If you are big game players, finding a way to stash away all of those bulky and super colorful boxes can be a challenge.  A coffee table with slide out drawers is the perfect solution for impromptu family game nights.

End tables come in many different shapes and sizes, but often times can boast oodles of storage for media, magazines, books and remotes, through drawers or even by nesting them to create multiple layers of shelving.

As they are in many spaces throughout the home, over-sized woven baskets are a storage life saver!  I love to place them at the end of the sofa to hold throw pillows and fuzzy throws, but they are also perfect for tucking away toys and activities for kids in-between uses.

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