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August 21, 2013


When it comes to fabrics, I’m all about about mixing patterns and materials to get a really collected and eclectic look. One of my favorite fabric trends right now is ikat. You may not be sure what I’m referring to, but I bet you’ve seen it in magazines, Pinterest, and your other places you go to for design inspiration. Basically, because of how the material is made, the lines of the pattern are very fuzzy or blurry. Thanks to its recent rise in popularity, options for ikat prints range from bold and modern to subdued and traditional. Traditional ikat is created by tie-dying yarn and then weaving it into an intricate pattern. I should also mention that ikat is pronounced “e-kaht”, not “i-cat” as I mistakenly pronounced it for quite some time.

Today’s Pin it inspiration image has two ikat-inspired fabrics. You can see them in the curtains and the chairs cushions. In addition to all of the wonderful patterns, I’ve also been loving navy blue lately, so this image really caught my attention. Plus, my own dining room walls are a similar color. I love how this space incorporates several trendy patterns including solids, stripes, and two styles of ikat. The color ties them all together while the varying patterns create a lot of interest.


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Maybe you’re ready to go bold with ikat and make a major statement with drapes. Or you might prefer to incorporate the pattern more subtly in a lampshade. Check out some of my favorite ikat-inspired pieces below. Are you loving this pattern as much as I am? What’s your favorite pattern for decorating?

Michael Wurm, Jr. – Inspired by Charm

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