Organize This: An Entertaining Station!

September 07, 2013

Trend: Bold Bar Carts!


It seems like every time I hop on the computer as of late, I run right into an incredible bar cart makeover.  I am loving that so many people are having a good time turning dated component carts and even TV stands, into bold and glamorous serving carts.  Not to mention, these makeovers are budget friendly and functional!  I can’t wait to scour thrift stores to do something similar myself.  Even my pal and fellow Style Spotter, Michael, found the oh-so-perfect $10 cart from Goodwill which now acts as a beautiful bar cart in his own home!


As great as these transformed carts are for serving up cocktails,  they are also wonderful for storing dishes and supplies for entertaining, fine china, linens, small appliances and even act as a great surface to set out your food when hosting that nice big dinner.


If you are tight on space, select something a bit smaller, that can still be uber functional.  Shelves and drawers below make wonderful storage, and the top surface is the star of the show while entertaining.  Bonus points for adding casters to your serving station, so it can be tucked away when not in use.


If you have a little more space on your hands, armoires become an ideal place to store your beverage and entertaining supplies.  They offer an abundance of storage and flexibility and look amazing painted in bold hues.

The best part about these larger cabinets, is that a variety of organizers such as wine glass holders, plate racks, trays and even custom built wine cubbies, can be added to increase organization and storage even more.  Also, it is worth mentioning that beverages always look prettier when poured and stored within vintage glass decanters.


If you are struggling to find the perfect piece of furniture to use as your entertaining station, head to the big box stores and check out the shelves and bookcases.  A combination of a couple items will give you a custom look at a fraction of the cost, and pairing them with a vibrant backing or focal wall, really amps that wow factor.  Adding baskets for linens, utensils and smaller supplies, provides a nice mixture of open and concealed storage.


And when all else fails, you could always build a custom buffet, which allows you to work within your budget and personalize it for your needs and given space.  It also means you get to select a super fantastic color to paint it!

Again, the open shelving offers versatile storage and wine racks can be installed to add easy-to-access glass storage.  Mailing tubes covered with decorative papers instantly become darling wine bottle holders, and everyday modular cubbies turn into rolling storage and seating with the addition of simple casters and cushions.  The combination above makes for a compact, custom serving station which can be used year round for endless entertaining.


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