5 Ways to Decorate with Wood Antiques

September 14, 2013

A frequent questions posed to many decorators is how to incorporate an inherited heirloom or a precious hand me down into a space design. Many struggle with how to live daily with those vintage or antique pieces in a way that celebrates their history but still proves useful in this modern century. The solution lies is how you go about it. There are many ways to decorate with wood antiques that preserve their character and still permit practical use.

First, you have permission to differentiate from the vernacular and freely mix vintage pieces with more modern styles. A room that incorporates contemporary wallpapers or textiles in a modern palette will ensure a set of antique furnishings feels stylish rather than stodgy.

antique dining set bhg


Glass front corner cabinets aren’t destined for just the dining room, instead use them as a place to store books or as a cabinet of curiosities in the backdrop to your modern living room or any space with an empty corner.

antique hutch for books bhg


Don’t be limited by a piece’s original intention or definition. A sideboard or buffet can be just as much at home in a sunroom as a formal dining room, just as a bureau or secretary can make itself useful in an entry instead of a bedroom or office.

antique in sunroom bhg

Perhaps you’ve inherited or purchased an antique wood dresser with burled wood or carved detail. Consider placing it somewhere else other than the bedroom. Bring it into your living or dining room, style an elegant vignette above, and use the drawers to store linens or small decorative objects out of sight when not in use.

antique dresser in living room bhg


In a world where so many furniture pieces are mass produced, great antiques will stand the test of time and buck the trends. You can’t go wrong when you place statement pieces where they belong, front and center. They’ll bring originality and character to your home and become part of the memories created in your precious moments spent with family and friends.

antique china hutch bhg


Have you inherited or purchase any antiques for your home? How do you decorate with them practically or creatively in your spaces?



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