5 Ways to Dress Wood Stairs

September 25, 2013

Those of us that own or rent two-story Chicago homes live with a staircase. Often the staircase is carpeted, but it can also possess wood risers with stained or painted treads. Having a carpeted stair runner allows for the best of both worlds – it exposes the beauty of the stained or painted treads but also inserts a nonslip comfortable surface for the dozens of trips made up and down each day. Here a five different choices to consider for dressing your home’s wood staircase.

Neutral Sisal. This natural fiber is a timeless choice and the neutral shades in sisal are a pleasant backdrop to dramatic impact or statement pieces incorporated in other ways such as a colorful velvet sofette and large scale botanical wallpaper.

sisal staircase runner bhg


Dramatic. If you’re looking to make a statement, a wide striped runner will do the trick. This eye-catching pattern enhances the dramatic contrast between the black and white tones present in this entry.

black and white striped runner bhg


Geometric. For years, geometric prints have reigned supreme in the textile world and a motif present in a runner ensures a contemporary look on your staircase. Opt for a repeat that plays off the existing hues present in the stain and paint for a pattern that is sure to complement instead of compete.

geometric runner bhg

Coastal.  A classic stripe is a timeless choice that will also add a coastal or cottage vibe to a staircase. Dash & Albert offers a multitude of choices and this step by step tutorial will help you install a similar version yourself.

coastal striped stair runner bhg

You can always skip the carpeted runner and opt for a pretty painted stripe in blue or green, or even jazz up the risers with tile. Bonus points for creativity!

But then again, there’s something truly beautiful about leaving the staircase alone and not adding a runner at all. Purposefully choosing to not include a runner allows the stained wood to take the spotlight, and when coupled with white risers and balusters, the contrast is striking.

elegant wood staircase bhg


What say you? What look do you prefer on a stained wood staircase – a runner or nothing at all?


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