DIY-ify: Yarn Jack ‘o Lantern Face

October 05, 2013

Trend: the no-carve pumpkin.

Skip the mess and make a Yarn Jack o’ Lantern Face! Non-traditional Jack o’Lanterns have been all of the rage, and this is a cute and easy twist that is perfect for decorating your new Chicago home. I found this idea in the Better Homes and Gardens archives and I needed to give it a try and show all of you how to make this for yourself (little Jack ‘o Lantern face templates included).


– 1 pumpkin (real or foam, your choice)

– pack of 100 gold pin heads

– black acrylic yarn

– painter’s tape

– Jack ‘o Lantern Face Templates (One, Two, Three, Four)


– Print out your Jack ‘o Lantern Face Templates.  Pick out the face size you’d like and cut it out.

– Use little folded painter’s tape squares to arrange and set up the mouth, nose, and eyes.

– Grab your pins and push them into the pumpkin near all the points + corners of the Jack ‘o Lantern face. Don’t push them ALL the way down to the pumpkin skin, keep the pin heads up about 1/4 inch. Next, place pins along some of the main “pumpkin lines” to create the stripey portion of this pumpkin.

– Pick a pin to start with, and tie a double knot onto it. Push the pin all the way into the pumpkin to secure the yarn. Follow the shape of the face, eyes, and mouth and add the stripey lines (wrapping the yarn twice around each pin as you go, then pushing them into the pumpkin to secure). Tie knots along other pins if you need to stop the yarn and start on a new point.

You’re done! Since yarn doesn’t do too well outside, I recommend keeping this Jack ‘o Lantern out of the rain. I used a real pumpkin, but if you use a foam pumpkin you will have this guy to decorate your home next year!

– Chelsey, The Paper Mama

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