5 Ways to Decorate your New Chicago Home with Bold Pattern

October 10, 2013

A gorgeous fabric can act as the jumping off point for a room’s palette or be the frosting on the cake in a space design. Solids and stripes are classic choices and small repeats add pattern in more delicate ways, but there is the braver choice and that is by introducing a bold statement textile or print into your abode. Here are five stylish ways to do so in your new Chicago home!

Should a beautiful pattern in a favorite colorway strike your fancy, use it in the form of window panels and repeat another version of it somewhere else in the room, with pillows or seat cushions.

blue and white patterned panels and chair covers

Wallpaper is a guaranteed way to create impact with pattern, and modern choices allow for much creativity. A green geometric brightens this entryway – a similar pattern would wow in a powder room or home office.




Formal dining rooms permit greater drama almost anywhere from the walls to the furnishings. Chairs upholstered in a rich navy trellis pattern add a modern touch to a traditional dining space.

bold patterned dining chairs



Ikat has risen in popularity in the past year but given its history ikat is not really a trend but a classic. Use this edgy pattern on an upholstered bed as a focal point and layer with complementary neutrals that allow it to take center stage.

green ikat headboard



Take the ultimate plunge with a bold backsplash to introduce stunning contrast in a kitchen like this one punctuated by an exotic motif.

bold patterned backsplash bhg


Bold pattern need not be permanent or used in large doses, it can be introduced in smaller ways with accent furniture or decorative pillows. Visit the Better Homes & Gardens Pinterest Board dedicated to bold pattern for much more inspiration!



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