Haunted Chicago: The Most Supernatural Locations in Chicago

October 31, 2013

Water Tower BW

Chicago is filled with wonderful attractions and friendly people, but we Chicagoans rarely dig into our dark, eerie history that has left some of the most popular spots in the city haunted. What better time to revisit the supernatural side of the city than Halloween? In part one of two, get ready to be spooked by Chicago’s haunted history. Suspend your disbelief as I take you to some of Chicago’s gravest spots, and see if you have the courage to brave them yourself this Halloween, muh-ha-ha!

Hundreds of thrill seekers search for a real place, with very real history, to connect with the past and get scared along the way. Chicago is filled with eerie places for all of the thrill seekers out there to experience something truly out of this world. Let’s take a look.

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