How To Explore Chicago From The Inside

November 02, 2013

Chicago Cultural Center Ceiling

Cooler weather is upon us, and in Chicago we can still appreciate the architecture in an excellent way – from the inside of buildings. As famous architecture critic Bruno Zevi says, to look at architecture one must consider “architecture as space,” and you just don’t get that perspective from the outside.

Architecture From The Inside Out

When you view a structure from the outside, you experience the exterior form and you can get a sense of structure, material and ornamentation. However once you go inside you see more architectural design and beauty as well as the inner workings, the humanity inside, and architectural space. This depth of perspective one gets from architectural interiors, and this more cultural approach of looking at architecture, is what motivates me to educate the public on architecture. The exterior is just an introduction and stepping inside brings an understanding of architecture to another level.

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