Spaces for Reading Chairs

November 14, 2013

Simple pleasures bring great comfort and the one thing I’ve learned over the years is that a reading chair in a cozy corner is one of life’s truest luxuries. Whether your preference for words comes in the form of a modern tablet or the sensory pages of a book, having a spot in your new Chicago home to catch up on your reading and the latest news is precious real estate in any residence.

reading corner 2 bhg

The minimal requirements for the perfect reading corner include a comfortable upholstered chair, a perch for your reading material (and beverage), and lighting for evening hours.

With winter arriving, having a reading chair close to the fireside is a centuries old remedy to making yourself cozy while temperatures drop outdoors. Add a lumbar pillow and a cozy throw blanket and you just may find yourself nodding off to sleep!

reading corner chair

Bedrooms are designed for repose, so including a cozy chair or chaise in a corner for the purpose of relaxed reading complements that important purpose.

reading corner 3

A child’s room is a wonderful place for a reading chair since children adore a bedtime story, and a rocker serves the purpose of lulling little ones to sleep once the page “The End” is turned.

reading chair childs room

For all the hours you spend in your home office doing your best work, it’s nice to unplug for a period of time and curl up with interests that stimulate the mind. Having a sofa or chair in a home office affords the luxury of a few moments stolen to recharge before returning to work.

reading corner home office

A den or library is an obvious space to tuck a reading chair, but instead of a neutral fabric, go bold and upholster yours in a hue you love, it will beckon you to retreat to its cushioned comfort time and again!

reading nook library

Have you stolen a little corner of your home away for the sole purpose of relaxed reading? Where is yours located?


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