The Stunning Architecture of Chicago’s Museum Buildings

November 15, 2013

AIC Modern Wing

So often when we go to a museum, we are so excited about the exhibits that we easily overlook the allure of the building’s architecture. Here’s a little overview of some of the notable museums of Chicago with buildings worth taking a look at. Remember: look up!

The Art Institute of Chicago has a grand contrast of old and new architecture. Enter off Michigan Avenue by the famous lions and you step into Shepley, Rutan and Coolidge’s Beaux-Arts style building of the late 19th-century. The unusual shape of the magnificent stairwell splits in various directions, transporting you into the space of a creative journey. Within the building are many architectural delights, such as the lofty, arched ceiling of the Ryerson and Burnham Library or the salvaged Chicago Stock Exchange trading room of Louis Sullivan’s now-demolished 1894 building.

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