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November 17, 2013

 It’s widely known that color affects our moods. Reds are energizing, while blues are calming. But there’s a lot more to the ways color can influence us. When used in a home office, for example, color can help you create an environment conducive to workplace efficiency. Carefully selecting colors to match your work style or interests could make your workday more pleasant and productive.

Color moods

Each color could be said to have its own mood. Yellow is a cheerful, bright hue, but if you don’t like yellow, it could have a depressing effect. The same is true of blue. While blue shades are thought to be relaxing, blue is also widely considered one of the best color choices to enhance productivity. If you’re a low-key person, however, being surrounded by blue in your home office could slow you down. A brighter option, such as orange, might better spark your energy and creativity.

The feelings colors can invoke range from tranquility to stability, energy and joy. If creating a grounded, tranquil environment in your home office would help you be more productive and less scattered, opt for woodsy shades of brown and taupe.

Gray is a good option for creating an atmosphere of calm sophistication. This neutral shade works well in the business world for its toned down simplicity and association with intelligence, wisdom and authority.

Creative options

If creativity is central to your job, purple reigns supreme among colors reputed to inspire inventiveness and imagination. Varied tones of purple, ranging from violet to lavender, make wonderful options for writers and artists.

If you need to concentrate, white or green are good choices to inspire mental clarity and the ability to cut through cluttered thinking. Green is a color of harmony, renewal and growth. If new projects are a big part of your workday, green is often associated with regeneration. Pairing greens and blues offers an especially nice way to be both productive and forward thinking.

Think vibrant

To kick-start your energy on the job, opt for vibrant colors in your office like red, fuchsia, or pink. Red has long been associated with energy and power, but if you’re an overachiever, it could just make you feel tense. Instead, opt for a subdued shade of red that won’t overwhelm.

Wine and magenta are good choices to make your work space feel friendly and energetic. And one of the most popular colors today is a deep pink. Perhaps because of its association with breast cancer awareness, this shade is not just for little girls and toys. Used on an accent wall, or for the whole office, pink imbues a friendly, optimistic and happy feeling, which could be helpful for maintaining a better outlook on the job.

This post was originally published by the Chicago Tribune on Nov. 12, 2013.

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