Art Displays Inspired by Nature

November 30, 2013

The allure of the outdoors influences interior design and decor in countless ways, from the rustic wood surfaces we crave on our floors and tabletops to the furnishings we layer around our new Chicago home. Bringing the outdoors inside in the form of artwork inspired by nature is a simple way to put our affection for gardens, mountains, and oceans on display.

Botanical prints hung in a symmetrical series in an entry convey a sense of calm in a space that acts as a transition for residents and visitors retreating indoors after time spent outside.

six framed botanical prints


Shade loving delicate ferns framed in a series of three coupled with a cylinder glass lamp add a dose of verdant green to a niche that possesses neutral finishes and furnishings.

framed fern prints


The bedroom is a place of rest, so botanicals framed above the bed are a natural complement to decor inspired by a serene earthy palette with touches of watery blue.

botanicals above bed

Scenes from nature aren’t exclusively botanical in nature, the animal kingdom is also a source of inspiration – a collection a vintage bird prints in various sizes showcases an affection for feathered friends.

bird prints on wall


Landscapes are yet another favorite among artists and collectors and when displayed in a curated collection by theme like these coast and stream paintings, they draw the viewer closer to admire the topography.

beach paintings

Think beyond paintings on canvas, photographs, or prints, and consider plates, platters, and notecards framed in unique ways to form an eclectic yet soothing composition.

eclectic nature display

How do you incorporate art inspired by nature in your home?



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