Exploring the Architecture of Chicago’s Austin Neighrborhood

December 02, 2013

Austin Neighborhood

While the neighborhood of Austin on Chicago’s West Side has gone through many transformations since its 1920’s heyday, you can still find some surprising architectural relics from its earlier years of blossoming. For you architecture, history and neighborhood buffs, here’s an overview of the architecture of this historic neighborhood.

Long before Austin was home to the producers of Halloween candy corn we all love, it was an autonomous village. Henry Austin, the town’s founder, intended this area as a temperance settlement for the anti-drinking crowd to have a sober existence with tree-lined parkways with comfortably-sized homes. Sober architect Frederick R. Schock purchased property here, and instead of printing business cards, Mr. Schock showed off his talents by designing his own home at 5804 W. Midway Park, in the Queen Anne Revival style.

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