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December 05, 2013

upgraded kitchenNew real estate listings are popping up all over the country and you have likely heard the many recent success stories of home sales. If you want to be ready to put your Chicago home on the market when the busy buying season comes around in spring of 2014, the Equifax Finance Blog has some advice that you can use to get geared up now to get on the market in early 2014. Here are some of the things you can do, according to their new article, “

Five Tips That Will Help You Sell Your Home in the New Year”:

  • Clean your house. Sure, your home is full of decorations now, and gathering up gifts and more clutter, but as soon as the New Year starts, you need to remove the clutter and clean your house. Even if you have home upgrades that will get your home the attention of homebuyers, cleaning and decluttering makes your home all the more appealing. Start with things around the house and then move up to the bigger projects, like cleaning out your closets and removing furniture that no longer serves any purpose.
  • Make small investments in your home. Skip buying yourself presents this holiday season and instead invest in your home. It only takes a few hundred dollars to put a lot of appeal into your kitchen and bathrooms. Small projects from a kitchen backsplash to upgrading counters in kitchens or baths can make a big difference. Failing that, adding in some area rugs to cover worn carpet can help if you can’t afford to install new floors. You should also consider new lighting options, which can give rooms a vibrant boost with either brighter or better situational lighting.

For more tips about how to position your home for sale, from readying for sale to making sure you have the best

mortgage, and plenty more personal finance advice, check the Equifax Finance Blog!

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