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January 02, 2014

Field Museum Child

By: Chrissy Jones

Two of the world’s greatest museums are right here in Chicago, The Art Institute of Chicago and The Field Museum, but after paying the admission fee to this world class museums, there is nothing that upsets me more than hearing “can we go now?” Using the cool new app, History Hero, your family’s visit to some of the greatest cultural institutions becomes a real life interactive scavenger hunt for the kids, and a fun day for you too.

History is really cool, and it’s important that our kids think it’s interesting, and these world class museums are where we should teach our children to soak it up and learn. Sadly, I think the traditional methods of appealing to children like the audio tours and the paper scavenger hunts that are typically available in museums fail to engage our kids in this digital age.

Well, It seems that one clever company agrees wholeheartedly. I recently took my 12 and 7 year old boys to test it out at both The Art Institute and The Field museums (the only two Chicago museums that currently synch with it) and tried out History Heroes. The kids absolutely loved it!

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