Organize This: Your Workspace!

February 14, 2014

Lately I have been on a mission to take back my workspace in my new Chicago home and give it some much needed attention.  Maybe it is the winter weather and the fact that I have been spending more time using my desk; or maybe it is because it is a new year and I am on a mission to get my papers in order.  Either way, I have had an organized workspace on my mind.

I am the kind of gal who needs a clutter free desk and a good system in place in order to feel work ready and productive.  A few extra pops of happy color never hurts either.  Here are a few of my top tips to keep a neat yet inspiring place to work.


Having enough surface space to spread out and use a laptop and daily planner while keeping any daily accessories within reach is extremely important.  The workspace should be sufficient enough to perform daily tasks without the need to stop and relocate or get up to grab an important file.  A cozy chair never hurts either.



Natural light is so wonderful if you have it, however, if you work in a windowless cubical or after the sun goes down, task lighting is key.  Swing arm lamps are typically ideal for allowing you to direct the lighting in a specific area of your work surface, and prevent over-exposing your eyes to excessive amounts of direct light.



Papers are notorious for piling up and causing instant clutter.  To ensure that everything important is simple to find at a moments notice, take the time to set up a good filing system with labeled file folders.


In addition to a good filing system, I also recommend adding a couple of paper trays or mail slots for current items that require attention but are not ready to be filed away for good.  This could be mail that requires reading, appointments that need to be scheduled or current documents being worked.



In your day-to-day work life you may find that there are some things that are used more often than others.  Keeping those commonly accessed supplies such as stationary and writing utensils easily accessible in decorative desktop organizers, will save the trouble of digging through boxes and drawers each day.


Although there are items that make a lot of sense to keep out at your workspace each day, there are many other items that should be tucked away.  By placing less used items such as craft supplies and paper products in decorative boxes, binders and drawers, you are keeping your visual clutter to a minimum and keeping your workspace clear of unnecessary clutter.



If you are in the middle of an important project or assignment and feeling excited and productive, nothing will slow you down faster than opening your drawers and rummaging around for a specific tool or supply.  Keep those smaller office supplies such as pens, rubber bands, decorative tapes, calculators and paper clips nice and tidy with the help of trays and drawer organizers.



Keeping a notepad or two at your desk ensures you are always ready to jot down quick notes, phone numbers and random thoughts that spark throughout the day.



This is a personal preference, but I highly recommend sprinkling in some desk accessories that are in your favorite colors and finishes.  Oh, and pretty flowers too.  Because when your desk is a reflection of you and filled with happy objects, you are more apt to whistle while you work.


Many desks naturally come with cord clutter from computers, phones and printers.  Finding creative ways to keep those cords concealed in drawers, decorative boxes or with cord clips will ensure you don’t become tangled in a mess of wires.


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