Organize This: Crafts!

March 25, 2014

There are such a large variety of tasks that can fill the crafting category; painting, sewing, embossing, scrap-booking, drawing…  Whether you love one or them all, the crafting hobby typically comes with endless tools and gadgets.  What are your favorite ways to store and organizing all of the special supplies?

Whether you have an entire craft room to dedicate to creative mode, or rely on a single closet, there really are endless ways to make the most of the space given.  Here are a couple of my favorite ways to organize all of the crafty bits and bobs.

Tension Rods:

Tension rods are a really great solution for holding spools of ribbon, washi tapes and gift wrap rolls.  Just insert them in-between two stable surfaces and you have instant storage.



Pegboard is one of the most versatile ways to store your craft supplies, as there are endless ways to mix and match hooks, buckets, dowels and shelves to customize your storage to your specific needs.


Over the Door:

Just because many of the over-the-door organizers that are on the market are geared to adding storage in the kitchen, it doesn’t mean that they can’t double as amazing craft supply storage as well.  With a little creative thinking and the addition to some small bins and jars, these organizers can hold everything from gift wrap to ribbon to brads and paper punches.


Storage Cabinets:

Depending on the space you have available, different sized cabinets could act as great stand-in craft storage.  Consider checking out bathroom cabinets such as linen towers, étagères and medicine cabinets, as they offer versatility and are often known for their space saving qualities.




With the addition of bins and drawer dividers, a dresser can turn into a great place to conceal craft supplies for both adults and children.  Everything from paints to colored pencils to adhesives can be stored in a one stop spot that is simple to access should the crafting mood strike.

Stand alone drawers systems are also a superb solution for sorting and storing sewing fabrics.



Kitchen Supplies:

One of my “go-to” places to hunt for craft storage, is either in my own personal kitchen, or within the kitchen department at my favorite shopping spots.  Upcycled food containers covered with decorative papers work wonderfully for corralling smaller objects and desktop accessories.  Spice jars and baby food jars are the perfect match for pins, brads and beads.  Drawer organizers, muffin pans, mason jars, food tins, bowls and mugs and even beverage carts can all be used as resourceful options for a variety of crafting products.



To make the most of the time you have to enjoy your creative hobbies, carve out a specific nook or workspace that can accommodate your supplies and give you a place to sit or stand while working.  A small desk, a collapsible table or even a wall to wall counter, are all wonderful options depending on the space available.  By storing your supplies near your work surface, even if that means carving out space within a closet near the dining table, you are keeping things within reach and maximizing the time you have to divulge into your project.


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