Melt the Snow Away with New Products from Warmup

March 31, 2014

Multi-zone snow melting controllerFor many people, the snow this winter has been brutal and relentless. Although spring is finally starting to show itself this year, it’s not too early to begin thinking about how to make next winter’s snow storms a bit more bearable. Warmup, the world’s best-selling electric floor heating brand, has some new products that are sure to make winter time less of a hassle.

The COMMBOX-600 and RESIBOX-240 are some of Warmup’s newest products that offer relief to the cold weather. These controlled power distribution panels offer frost protection as well as ice and snow melting capabilities.

So, how do these devices work? The COMMBOX-600 and the RESIBOX-240 are set up to receive signals from the snow sensor(s). Once signals are received, contactors are activated and zones are heated up. The COMMBOX-600 has heating elements for five zones, and the RESIBOX-240 has heating elements for four zones.

Outdoors, the AIRsense sensor provides reliable snow and ice detection. Its innovative plastic ‘igloo’ design is shaped to keep the sensor free of snow buildup. Anti-nesting spikes are located along the top of the AIRsense in order to prevent birds from away from the device. Four holes in the sensor help the sensor stay free of dust and dirt during the warmer months when it is not being used.

Although we are starting to say goodbye to the snow, now is the ideal time to install these snow melting systems. By installing them now, you’ll be able to welcome winter again without a headache. For pricing or to learn more about these products, call 1-888-927-6333 or visit

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