Organize This: Spring Cleaning Supplies

April 11, 2014

It is that time of the year again!  Spring has finally sprung and that means that most are giving their homes a little extra attention.  Something about the fresh air, chirping birds and light breeze coming in through the windows, inspires us to take our homes to the next level.

Whether that means cleaning out your garage, organizing a closet or giving the exterior of your home some love; how you organize your cleaning supplies will make all of the difference in the ease of maintaining your roost.  In fact, a few good tips and systems will help you year round, and make some of those household chores a little breezier.


Crete a Cleaning Closet

My first tip is to try and dedicate a single area to serve as a cleaning closet.  This can be a stand-in wardrobe, the corner of a coat closet or a dedicated cabinet in your laundry or utility room.  This dedicated closet becomes a one-stop location for all things cleaning.  Everything from your vacuum and mop to sponges and polishers, this space instantly becomes the cleaning hub of the home for the entire family to reference.  Maximize the closet by adding paper towel holders, baskets and clips to the back of the door.  Also consider lining the interior of the closet with additional hooks for taller items.


Create a Cleaning Caddy:

Inside of your cleaning cabinet, add a portable basket to keep the “essential” supplies you find yourself reaching for most frequently.  All purpose spray, wood polisher, glass cleaner along with a few scrubbers and rags.  This caddy can now go with you from room to room during your weekly cleaning routine.


Under the Sink:

The cleaning cabinet and caddy work really well for managing your weekly tasks and especially those deep cleaning sessions.  But there are two areas of the home which should be given attention on a daily basis due to the germs that tend to live in those spaces; the bathroom and the kitchen.  Designate a small area under each sink to hold your disinfecting cleaner and sponges.  The goal is to make things as quick and simple as possible, and heading to a different area of the home to grab essential supplies each and everyday is just one extra step.  If storage is limited, consider a simple slim basket or over the door caddy.


In the Laundry Room:

Laundry care typically comes with a different set of cleaning supplies, therefore, those supplies should be stored directly next to the washer and dryer.  A slim carts can tuck between the washer and dryer if spaces permits, while adding shelves above the machines is a great option for maximizing vertical storage in a small space.

Let’s face it, life can be messy!  Above and beyond daily clothing care, be prepared to handle stains as well.  Print out a stain removal guide and keep it in the laundry room near a basket of supplies and scrubbers for on the spot garment care!


Don’t Forget the Garage:

We tend to spend a lot of time in our cars, so don’t forget to add a special caddy of cleaners to your garage as well.  Fill a portable carrier with supplies for keeping the interior and exterior of your automobile sparkling clean.



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