Gentrification Watch: Wicker Park Receives Internet Fist Bump for Being Best Nabe in Chicago for Millennials

April 17, 2014


[Photo by Ben Husmann]

Chicago, and more specifically Wicker Park, has received some internet love, as a K-12 and college data site, Niche, has recently named Chicago the fourth best city in the nation for millennials and Wicker Park the best neighborhood in the Windy City for Generation Y.

So, what are the things that make a city or a neighborhood an ideal place for young people to call home? According to Niche, the criteria involved cities “with top-notch cultural attractions and thriving nightlife” and neighborhoods within those cities that have “a high percentage of 25- to 34-year-olds, high income, diversity, education levels, low rates of unemployment and crime”. Ironically, (get it?) Forbes named Wicker Park the 4th best neighborhood in the nation for hipsters just a couple of years ago. However, we believe that nearby Logan Square is edging in on Wicker Park’s lead, as it has has been the go-to place for younger people due to its lower rents and plethora of service industry jobs.

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