Organize This: Clothing Closet!

April 26, 2014

How we organizing our clothing closet has the ability to impact our entire day.  Starting the morning by gazing into a closet full of chaos and clutter is sure to begin your day on the wrong foot.  Here are a few of my favorite closet storage tips to ensure your morning routine is as stress free and simple as possible.


Start from Scratch:

Most closets are installed with a basic shelf and clothing rod; nothing more.  If possible, start from scratch or expand on what is already there, to bring in custom solutions that really maximize your closet space.  Without proper organizers for the different types and styles of clothing, piles begin to form and it becomes challenging to quickly find belongings.  A specific system will allow you to maximize the vertical wall space and make the most of the overall storage area.

Whether you set out to build or purchase off-the-shelf closet systems, consider each type of clothing you plan to store.  Everything from shoes to dresses and pants to accessories such as belts and scarves all should be given a place to call home within the closet.


Double Up:

A simple way to double your hanging space is to install a second closet rod, which simply hooks to your existing closet bar.  Twice the hanging space equals twice the storage.  Slim space saving hangers also allow you to maximize your hanging space, while felted options prevent clothing from slipping off to the floor.


Think Clearly:

Shoes are an investment and should be protected by storing them in stackable shoe boxes or within designated shoe cubbies.  Clear organizers allow you to see and access your footwear quickly during the daily outfit planning process.


Divide and Conquer:

If space permits, consider adding a set of drawers to your closet space.  Whether in the form of a dresser, a rolling cart or a custom closet system, drawers allow you to store your undergarments and accessories with the remainder of your wardrobe pieces.  Add simple dividers to the drawer to keep accessories separated and prevent necessary rummaging.


Pocket Protectors:

Hanging shoe pocket organizers are really one of the most versatile storage items out there.  They can serve endless organizing purposes in almost any room of the home.  When it comes to closets, you could opt to go the obvious route and stash your favorite footwear inside, or switch things up and take advantage of it as great accessory storage.  The pockets are ideal for organizing scarves, belts and jewelry while taking up very little space.


Hooked on Hooks:

Hooks are another option for wrangling accessories of all shapes and sizes.  And they are compact and fit in small areas and nooks of the closet, on the side of cabinets or on the backs of closet doors.  Speaking of closet doors; another way to make the most of your closet is to tap into the back of the door as if it were an extra wall of storage space.  Whether using shoe pockets, over the door organizers or hooks for hanging out your daily outfits; it is important to always keep the added space in mind.


It’s in the Bag:

Handbags are typically bulky and awkwardly shaped, however, pairing them with simple shower curtain hooks will allow them to hang nicely within your closet.  Other handbag storage options include shelves, over the door organizers and decorative storage boxes.  Bonus point can be achieved by stuffing your handbags with paper or fabric to preserve their original shape.


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