On the Rental Market: Is This the Best Vintage Apartment in Logan Square?

May 11, 2014

Many home buyers are attracted to vintage homes because of the charm, craftsmanship and beauty of older homes. However, most vintage rentals tend to be gut rehabs, or spaces that have lost their luster over the years due to wear and tear. It seems rare to find such a well preserved unit for rent, well, because there’s something special about original art glass, tile inlays and built-ins. As a landlord, you must be crazy to let others occupy and potentially ruin your perfectly preserved pad. It’s like eating hotdogs for breakfast – you just don’t do it. It’s all good until you get to the kitchen, but hey, it’s difficult to find a sweet vintage pad with a kitchen that isn’t totally cheesed out. This 1,800 square foot two bedroom, two bathroom apartment on Logan Boulevard can be rented for $2,450 per month.

· 2936 W LOGAN BLVD #3, CHICAGO, IL 60647 [Domu]

· 2936 W Logan Unit 3, Chicago, IL 60647 [Urban Real Estate]

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