Adventures in Interior Design: Own the Headquarters of a Big-Game Hunters Club

May 31, 2014


Finally, a space to do super manly things like discuss safari excursions over a few beers could be yours. The headquarters belonging to The Adventurers Club, a big game hunting and exploration club, has gone to the chopping block and can be had for $750,000. Every broker likes to talk about their listings as different or special in some way, but there’s something certainly unique about a space that has the heads of a dozen dead animals hanging around. Although on the man-child spectrum, this South Loop space is certainly more man than child, as these adventurers would rather spend their money on firearms, trips to the jungle, and fine whiskey instead of fast cars and theater rooms (one can assume). Never heard of The Adventurers Club before? It’s ok, we haven’t either. Famous members include the likes of former US President Teddy Roosevelt, businessman Steve Fossett and polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton. The space itself has three bedrooms, two bathrooms with a full kitchen and bar. Taxidermied animals are not included.

·714 South Dearborn Street Unit 6, Chicago, IL [Estately]

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