New iPad App Lets DIY Painters Experiment with Patterns, Colors

June 17, 2014

The FrogTape Designer app for iPad allows users to paint virtual rooms and thus visualize the results. (FrogTape / June 16, 2014)

Dreaming up creative, do-it-yourself painting projects for your home — or wanting to replicate ideas you saw on Pinterest or elsewhere — is one thing. Actually doing them with not-horrible results? Another thing entirely.

A new app for iPad, FrogTape Designer, allows you to visualize the finished product before you pick up a brush and start slathering on the paint. Users can paint on virtual walls, in various room templates, to ensure that, say, the poppy red wall you envision in your all-white kitchen reads as an accent, not an accident.

The app is from the makers of FrogTape, so one drawback is that you are limited to using FrogTape products (tape and paint colors) in the planning stage.

Still, there’s a lot to stoke the imagination. Users can choose from a variety of room prototypes and try out different designs, patterns and color combinations on an interactive canvas. Decorative ideas range from modern and minimal to cute and homey, and include painting chevron stripes, a single, thick accent stripe or scalloped borders. All give rooms a personalized touch. The app lets you save your designs in case you ever get around to enacting them — or just keep dreaming about it.

The free FrogTape app is available for download at frogtape.com/app or from the iTunes store.

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