Mix These: Metal + Wood

June 25, 2014

A layered space is a well considered one and if there’s anything that makes for great design in a beautifully furnished room it’s layers of color and texture in cool and warm medleys. The combination of metal sheens and warm woods is an effortless way to introduce an organic meets modern vibe to any space in your home. There are several ways to go about it; here are several examples of the successful combinations of cool metal finishes with the warmth of wood.

When choosing furniture for a family room or gathering space, consider little details like the legs. Instead of skirts, opt for chairs with exposed wood legs and pair them with coffee and end tables with metal bases. metal and wood together

There are other opportunities to introduce layers of warm wood to a space – think of accents such as lamp bases or woven shades. Bamboo blinds and a tall floor lamp contrast nicely with the chrome base on the marble top coffee table in this inviting sitting room.

wire chair marble table

Gold leaf and brass are warmer metals but still offer chic contrast when placed next to espresso stained legs or wood accent furniture.

warm gold table wood furniture legs

brass and wood

Don’t be afraid to mix metals, oil rubbed bronze is welcome in a room with brass accents just as polished nickel mixes well with black iron finishes.    chrome and rustic

The combination of dark iron or oil rubbed bronze with rustic wood is a centuries old pairing. The look is fresh again in modern times since many seek eco-friendly reclaimed or weathered woods as accents in the home for ceilings, beams, cabinets, and shelving.

metal barstools wood ceiling

metal table wood shelves

You can achieve the desirable textural medley of metal and wood together with one singular piece of furniture. Many retailers now offer coffee and end tables fabricated with iron legs and either salvage or new wood tops. Consider also wood dressers with iron hardware in the bedroom or metal leg barstools with wood seats in the kitchen.

metal and wood coffee table

rustic wood and metal coffee table

Piece together your own with finds from a salvage yard, or visit a flea market or antique store where you may chance upon a second hand version.

The combination of wood and metal lends a multilayered feel to a room. As an added bonus the medley is an easy way to introduce a masculine touch to a space that leans feminine with its furniture or fabric choices. Time to get busy mixing!


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