Handy Apps to Have When Buying, Selling or Decorating Your Home

June 29, 2014

real estate apps for your phoneIt is an increasingly tech-savvy world, and the housing industry is keeping pace with the digital age perfectly. New apps that make buying, selling and improving you dream home less of a hassle and more an efficient, smart phone-fueled adventure have poured into the market. And here are just a few:

All home buyers should download the Zillow Real Estate & Rentals app, which is based on Zillow’s own extensive real estate database. App users can search for available homes in their desired community four different ways: by address, voice search, current location and by custom-drawn region on a map. Searches can then be filtered by price, number of beds and baths and other keywords and saved for future viewing. Zillow also provides access to local foreclosures and notifies you when new listings come on the market. Overall, this app is a handy, all-around home buyer’s essential that provides home buyers with a manageable list of homes that fit all their desired criteria.

It may be “Come one, come all!” to open houses, but being the first one through the door can make all the difference in getting a good deal on your dream home or duking it out amid a crowd of enthusiastic bidders. As an alternative to easily-lost handwritten notes and long, complicated spreadsheets, Redfin.com has added an open house schedule to its real estate iPhone app. While you are browsing redfin.com, you can add any open house events you see to a list on the app, which then automatically organizes and saves the events by date and time.

Maybe you are a real estate agent who wants to show the exact specs of a home to your customers. Or maybe you are a homeowner who is remodeling or redecorating and wants to have a digital copy of the floor plan of your home. Just use the RoomScan app by Locometric, available for iPhones with motion sensors. By simply tapping your phone against the wall and following the app’s instructions, you can easily get accurate digital measurements and floor plans without ever having to break out the pencil and tape measure.

Other useful apps for remodelers and decorators are Bubble Level for Android phones and Color Capture by Benjamin Moore. With Bubble Level, you can use you phone to test the level of any type of object, including picture frames, tabletops and ceilings. Color Capture allows you to snap a picture of anything that catches your eye — a flower, a purse, a sunset, etc. — and then instantly match it with one of Benjamin Moore’s more than 3,500 paint colors.

So, whether you are looking to buy, sell or improve your dream home, make sure to try out these convenient phone apps and join the wave of digital real estate.

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