Organize This: Back-to-School Teen Study Space

August 03, 2014

Trend:  Romantic Grunge

It is time to start thinking school-like thoughts again and romantic grunge is popping up everywhere!  Florals, plaids and whimsey prints paired with dark neutrals, worn leather and edgy elements create this fresh back to school look.

With school days lingering in the near future, it is time to design an organized study space to set your teen up for success!  Here are a few simple tips to putting together a dedicated work zone that will keep your teen organized throughout the entire school year.



Consider using a desk that offers enough surface space to double as a vanity for hair and makeup in the morning, and study sessions in the evening.  Add storage that will accommodate both functions separately; such as a cart of drawers below for beauty supplies and drawers and organizers above for office accessories.




Let’s face it, teens don’t always do homework at their desk (sometimes the bed or couch is more appealing), so keep favorite writing supplies and homework tools within portable zippered pouches.  This keeps small items corralled within a backpack at school and ensures your child is ready to do homework no matter where they land.



When it comes to organizing supplies at the desk, shop the home everyday items that can double as free storage.  The kitchen is typically a jackpot of storage solutions, everything from leftover food packaging to muffin tins and mugs can be utilized to corral paperclips, stamps, erasers and pushpins.




Place a memo board nearby to offer your teen a place to pin up important notes, photographs and homework.  The visual reminder will ensure that important details, dates and papers are not missed during busy mornings and sports seasons.




Add decorative hooks near the workspace to hang backpacks, handbags, hats, umbrellas and lunch totes.  Keeping all school related items near the desk will create efficiency during study time and in the morning when heading off to class.




A simple wall pocket is another workspace storage solution that will ease the daily school routine.  Fill the pockets with the items your child uses on a daily basis, such as jewelry, lotions, journals, lip balm, etc…  By keeping favorite daily necessities corralled in a single location it reduces the risk of rummaging through drawers and slowing one down.


Additional quick tips:

  • Assign each class subject a specific color to use for organizing folders/notebooks.
  • Find a good wall calendar or portable planner to keep track of important dates and deadlines for tests and extra curricular activities.
  • Invest in a good task lamp to take care of the eyes during late night study sessions.
  • A good set of headphones works great in reducing noisy distractions.
  • With technology being front and center in our daily lives, take advantage of the different organizational applications available on the market.
  • Attach a USB drive to a keyring or clip it to a backpack to ensure that important data being transferred from school to home is never misplaced.


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