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September 12, 2014

Trend:  Fall Baking

There is something so wonderful about celebrating the arrival of fall with a trip to your favorite orchard, then heading home to bake up some delicious treats.  Warm baked goods make perfect fall comfort foods and the smells create a coziness within the home.

Although I am not personally a solid baker, I do like to dabble with new recipes from time to time.  So when the time comes to pull out the mixer and baking dishes, it is always a “treat” to have my items organized and ready to go.


My first tip for organizing baking supplies is to create a specific zone within the kitchen for everything baking related.  This could be a small spot in the pantry, a rolling island / cart or an entire armoire filled to the brim with supplies.  By keeping everything with a common theme stored together, it prevents searching every last drawer and cabinet for the special spatula or cookie cutter.



There are a few fail-proof ways to create these baking storage zones, and one of my favorites is with simple industrial shelving.  These shelves come in a variety of shapes and sizes and some even on casters, and promise to lend quick access to the items you use most.  Everything from cookbooks to mixers to spice jars filled with sprinkles, these shelves pack a lot of storage punch.


Another option for storing a bulky mixer, is to install a mixer shelf riser inside of a kitchen cabinet.  Mixers can be very heavy and bulky and the designated shelf provides instant access when the baking mood strikes, and be tucked back away in-between uses freeing up valuable counter space.



To maximize cabinet storage, add hooks to the backs of doors for mixer attachments and measuring spoons / cups.


Another way to make the most of a cabinet is with risers that allow you to double your shelving space.  Small spice jars are great for storing candles, embellishments and sprinkles.



Many baking supplies look beautiful on display while also allowing you to store the most frequently used items right within arm’s reach.  Open shelves or vintage crates are a really great solution for keeping those goodies up off of the counter.



Another beautiful yet functional way to display and store baking essentials is with a pegboard system.  Being one of my favorite and most versatile storage solutions; there really isn’t anything that glorious pegboard cannot handle.


Baking trays and dishes are awkwardly shaped and can pose a few storage challenges.  Stacking them will result in difficulty retrieving items on the bottom, therefore, storing them on their sides is typically a smarter option.  Whenever possible, storing baking pans near the stove will gain you a few bonus baking points.



Another way to make the most of your available space is to store smaller baking supplies such as cookie cutters and frosting nozzles, within larger baking items such as batter bowls and storage canisters.


A similar method works wonders inside of your baking drawer as well.  Measuring cups can corral muffin liners while appetizer trays are great for measuring spoons.


If creating a specific zone is not convenient and items must be stored away from your primary baking location, create a portable caddy that will allow you to easily transport basic items during your baking sessions.


Baking recipes are usually collected over time from family members, cookbooks, catalogs and printed from online websites.  Keep them all neatly corralled and protected within a three-ring binder.  Pair it with a cookbook stand and the recipe will be simple to read yet off of the counter and safe from batter splatters.


 Recipe Box / Wall Shelf / Mixer Shelf / Hooks / Canister Labels / Shelving Unit / Baking Sheet Rack / Clear Canisters / Drawer Dividers / Flour Canister / Cookbook Holder

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