Organize This: China Cabinet

September 28, 2014

With the hosting season quickly approaching, it is time to set up storage and organization that will make entertaining a breeze.


About a year ago we found an inexpensive china hutch on Craigslist and transformed it into one of our favorite pieces in our home.  Not only does it make a statement in our dining area, it expanded our storage capacity for all things dining, partying and hosting.  Now that we have been living with it and using it daily for storing everything “entertaining” related, I couldn’t image life without it.



The most traditional use of a china cabinet is to store and display dishware and serving pieces.  Selecting cabinets with glass doors and open shelving creates a grand visual statement within any dining space, allowing you to swap out decor and display items seasonally or as needs change.



Proper flatware and china boxes should be used to store your most valuable and precious pieces, while plate stands and wire baskets keep things simple and casual.


Drawers are another winning solution for dinnerware storage.  Place plates, bowls and mugs within drawer dish organizers and you have quick access at meal time.   These organizers are easy to grab from and keep the putting away process easy breezy as well.


Aside from the most common uses; china cabinets also double as storage for table lines, candles, centerpieces and napkin holders.  Line the bottom of the linen drawer with a mild or unscented dryer sheet to keep napkins and table runners smelling fresh in-between uses.  Butterfly clips work great for keeping sets of linens together as well.



Installing floating shelves above a cabinet or credenza can achieve the same storage impact as a standard china cabinet.  Whether using the credenza or a china hutch, both are fitting for creating a coffee station.  Install mug hooks, add trays of special syrups, sugars and creamers along with your coffee machine and you have just created a zone that will make for a smooth morning routine.



The addition of a wine glass rack, serving tray, drink mixers and bar accessories and suddenly you have a stocked bar for 5 o’clock happy hour.



These stand-in cabinets make the most of a kitchen and dining area by adding more cabinetry and storage than what was ever built-in with the home.  Not only are these furniture pieces ideal for the pretty serving pieces, cookbooks and barware, the concealed storage below makes them optimal for stashing away those bulky cooking and baking gadgets as well as unsightly small appliances.


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