Open House: Big Award-Winning Bucktown Contempo Wants $2.799M

October 16, 2014

New construction contempos are very common in Bucktown, so what makes this particular home so special? Well, apparently it’s won an award for its design. According to the listing, this home is the recipient of the “2008 Architectural Design Award”. And who is this award from you might be asking. We may never know. Either way, it is certainly one of the nicer contempos in the neighborhood to hit the market this year. At 6,500 square feet, the home is quite cozy, and in usual mid-aughts contemporary fashion, the home sports very large front-facing windows with wood trim and an open interior floor plan. There’s also a spacious multi-level rooftop deck. You’ll be able to see this one in person this Saturday from 10am-12pm. The first person to bring $2.799 million with them gets dibs.

UPDATE: A reader sent over a link that indicates that this home won a design award from the publication Residential Architect.

·2041 W Cortland Street Chicago, Illinois 60647 [Sotheby's]


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