Curbed Maps: Mapping the 14 Highrises Under Construction Right Now

October 17, 2014

Original photo via the Curbed Chicago Flickr Photo Pool/Debbie Mercer

There are 14 highrise buildings currently under construction in Chicago. It’s difficult to paint a clearer picture of the current development boom in this town than simply putting it at that. One can read the daily trickle of news about land sales or financing deals for some new tower and get a vague understanding of what’s going on in construction in Chicago, but nothing works better than to take a step back and see it all at once. The city has recently been getting international coverage for its rebounding real estate market and the building enthusiasts at the Skyscraper Page Forums have been keeping track of all of the major developments coming up in Chicago since the first real estate boom. Utilizing their compiled data and some of our own research, we were able to map every building over 200 feet tall currently under construction in the downtown area. These aren’t pipe dream proposals from overeager developers we’re talking about either – these are buildings that have been approved, been paid for, and are currently being built right now. Here is a preview of what Chicago will soon look like.

As dots on a map, like constellations of building activity across the city, you can see what areas are seeing activity and which aren’t. Note, for instance, the trio of towers around the confluence of the Chicago River. They happen to be the three tallest towers currently being built. You can also see areas that have been slow to new construction, like the southeast corner of the Loop or River North, which was the epicenter of the previous construction boom.


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