Adventures in Architecture: Skyline Stories Tells the History of Chicago’s Great Buildings

November 02, 2014

Now, after we accidentally leaked some of this content a little while ago by stumbling across one of the videos on YouTube, the Chicago Architecture Foundation has officially launched its Skyline Stories online experience:

Skyline Stories is a participatory story experience created by the Chicago Architecture Foundation that investigates Chicago’s most iconic buildings. Users are encouraged to build their own narratives with “story components” that use the building as the basis to explore the questions: Who built them and why? What secrets can they tell us? What do they mean to Chicago?

The site includes lots of very well-produced videos detailing the history, design, and current uses of 10 of Chicago’s most famous and architecturally significant buildings, from recent structures like the Willis Tower and the Inland Steel Building, to historic gems like the Monadnock and Rookery buildings.

· Skyline Stories [CAF]
· More Chicago Architecture Foundation news [Curbed Chicago]

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