Vintage Living-12 Amazing Repurposed Storage Ideas

November 03, 2014

In my humble opinion, two things a home can always use more of is, extra storage & vintage charm. Being a lover of all things old & worn and a mom of 2 busy boys, I am always looking for clever ways to add storage that will keep me on budget and add warmth to my space at the same time. Repurposing vintage & salvaged items into storage can add style & character, create conversation and bring function to your space without breaking the bank. The best places to look for these items are flea markets, estate & tag sales, thrift stores, local antique shops and yard sales. Some things to look for when shopping for these items are size, shape, style, patina, condition & price. My feeling is anything can be transformed for the right price. My best score to date is a vintage stereo I bought for a SUPER steal that I turned it into a TV console table {see below}. Another favorite score was a large rolling cart that was once used for storing mason jars that is now mudroom storage for my family’s footwear and apparel. Here are 12 amazing repurposed storage ideas to inspire you to see the potential beyond old & worn…..

12 Amazing Repurposed Storage IdeasWhile rummaging through a thrift store I found this very large vintage stereo case. My first thought was, how would I get this home? But then I saw the price tag, $10! Where there is a will, there is way, needless to say I got it home. By pulling it apart & taking out the mechanics I was able to create pretty & purposeful storage for our fire wood and the media components.

Family Room Fall 2014 110{via}

The possibilities are endless when it comes to repurposing vintage pieces. I love how this homeowner turned this chicken coop into a stunning coffee table perfect for storing collectibles.

Repurposed Storage-Chicken Coop Transformed Into A Coffee Table


You can also use vintage items by simply repurposing the function. This vintage rolling cart & tool box with it’s rustic patina serves as storage & display for beautiful family treasures.

Repurposed Storage-Vintage Tool Box & Rolling Cart Showcases Family Room  Treasures Beautifully{via}

A chicken feeder makes for a perfect console table to hold magazines and display a collection of weather vanes.

Repurposed Storage-Chicken Feeder Holds Magazines


Vintage crates can create instant storage in a bedroom or family room. You can even add casters for easy movability.

Repurposed Storage-Crate at the end of bed holds bed linens


Thinking outside the box can have a big pay off. This empire dresser now serves as functional kitchen island storage. The original finish & caramel tones gives an instant warmth to the space.

Repurposed Storage-Empire Dresser = The Perfect Bar {via}

This industrial bar was found at an old farm and now serves a new function in this rustic-modern kitchen as a center island.

Repurposed Storage-Industrial Bar Found at Farm Serves as a Kitchen Island{BHG}

Storage can also go vertical, by mounting vintage crates & baskets to a wall you can increase your storage without sacrificing square footage.

Repurposed Storage-Metal Baskets Hung on the Wall For Sports Equipment-Genius!{BHG}

This old rustic shelving unit serves as extra storage for this basement but can serve a variety of functions, possibly even a home office.

Repurposed Storage-This vinatge metal shelving unit serves as extra storage in the basement{BHG}

Blending metal with warm wood tones creates a beautiful balance in this kitchen.Repurposed Storage-Vintage Crates as Kitchen Storage BHG{BHG}

Vintage wood boxes are a useful find, they can serves as extra storage for a variety of things within the home such as this beautiful coffee table centerpiece.Repurposed Storage-Vintage Crates Holdes Coffee Table Essentials{via}

Vertically stacked crates for wine storage is a genius idea, it’s pretty & functional and what a conversation piece!

Repurposed Storage-Vintage Crates Serves as Storage in Wien Cellar

As you can see the possibilities are endless when it comes to vintage living.

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