Man Caves: Andersonville Greystone Basement Has Man Cave Potential

November 08, 2014

Kind of like the mullet hair style (or hockey hair if you prefer), this five bedroom, three bathroom Andersonville greystone is all business in the front and party in the back – er basement. Originally built in 1905, this 5,200 square foot residence has recently been gut rehabbed and features all new everything. The basement isn’t necessarily a “finished” basement per se, but it’s not completely raw either. The current owner has a pool table, some exercise equipment and a large sofa down there, but to make it a true Midwestern man cave, simply add a beer sign from one of the following classic Milwaukee breweries: Hamm’s, Stroh’s, Schlitz or Old Style. There’s plenty of room for a gigantic TV and a bar space. The ask? $1.325 million.

ยท5336 North Glenwood Avenue, Chicago, IL [Estately]


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