Estate of the Arts: Chicago’s Pothole Artist Returns With New Flower Mosaics

November 09, 2014


[photos: Jim Bachor]

Despite the frigid fall winds, flowers are still blooming in the Chicago as guerrilla pothole artist Jim Bachor has permanently planted a series of four colorful floral mosaics on select city streets recently. They’re the latest addition to his quirky public works project of filling potholes with mosaics. Bothered by the seeming futility of street repair, Bachor did his first DIY job last fall near his home in Maywood, utilizing an ancient Roman mosaic method he learned during a trip to Italy in the ’90s. Since then, his body of work has grown to include glass-and-marble pieces depicting a Chicago flag, the phone number for a local auto garage and 361,841 — his guess for the number of gaps and gouges in the city’s pockmarked streets. Let’s hope those seeds spread before next spring.






Patrick Sisson
·Guerilla Mosaic Artist Now Filling Chicago Potholes with Flowers [Colossal]
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