Eater Tastings: 2014 Eater Awards; Where to Eat at O’Hare & Midway; More

November 24, 2014

This week’s top dish from Eater Chicago, Curbed’s restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog…


AROUND TOWN—After a raucous public vote and editorial deliberations, the 2014 Eater Award winners were unveiled on Monday. In Chicago, the honorees include Parachute, Lee Wolen, and Momotaro.

O’HARE/MIDWAY—It’s almost Thanksgiving which means that the holiday travel season is upon us. Check out the airport dining guides for O’Hare and Midway before you board that flight.

WICKER PARK—Venerable Pops for Champagne has a new project heading to the packed dining and nightlife hub of Wicker Park. The owners behind Bom Bolla, in a renovated landmark building on Milwaukee Avenue, says it will have the largest selection of Spanish Cava wine in Chicago.

AROUND TOWN—Ready to try out some new brunches? Eater’s brunch heatmap got an update this week, so check it out and keep it handy on weekends.

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