Calligraphy Crush-10 Fabulous Place Card Ideas

December 25, 2014

Calligraphy Crush-10 fabulous place card ideas

Calligraphy is one of those classic art forms that people can’t help but love. It is creative, romantic and sentimental all at the same time. I tried my hand at it many moons ago and enjoyed it , not sure I was any good at it but it was an incredibly freeing experience artistically. There is something so beautiful about the art of lettering and writing. With all of the holiday inspiration out there I am in such awe of this timeless genre. My latest obsession with calligraphy is place cards. I think it adds something so personal to the table and leaves your guests with such a lovely keepsake for them to treasure for years to come. Here are some of my favorite ideas….

I love the idea of using an ornament as a place card. This cursive ceramic beauty would be the perfect addition to any table.

©Marley&Lockyer - Calligraphy Ceramic Starssource

Often it is the simple ideas that leave us incredibly inspired. I adore this idea of taking fresh holiday greens and adding them to hand lettered white cards.

Bia loretta source

Writing on leather and using it as a napkin ring, genius!

Copper and Navy Holiday Table Inspiration  Oh so Beautiful Papersource

It just goes to show you that you don’t need to spend a lot to make a big impression. I fancy this rustic glam idea of drying a leaf and spraying it gold. The stunning cursive is the cherry on top.

Elements of Style source

Simple sprigs of spruce tied with hand lettered place cards can’t help but make these guest feel connected by this personal detail. name cards for marking your spot at the table! so cute! check out the link, this is such a cute little weddingsource

Taking a modern approach to this classic art form is so refreshing. I love the idea of drying leaves and up cycling them into this gorgeous, showstopper table detail.

Once WEd Fall Wedding Escort Cards source

Simple & festive. Taking pinecones and adding names gives an individual touch that will make your guests feel special.

Pinecone + calligraphy tags. DIY. Photography by lovekatieandsarah...source

Using vintage finds as a place card stand, what a brilliant idea. It adds a warm layer to this lovely cursive detail.

Place cards in old sterling add a sprig of boxwood and evergreen.... Onto Baby source

The worn paper and velvet tie set the stage for this elegant hand lettered place card.

velvet ribbon and calligraphy place setting revel blogsource

Natural elements blend seamlessly with this beautiful place card arrangement.

Wedding place cards name tags by LaPomme Et LaPipe etsysource

Happy Holidays!!!

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