Albany Park – Diversity at Its Finest

January 20, 2015
Albany Park, Chicago, Illinois

Photo courtesy of the Albany Park Chamber of Commerce.

When looking for a neighborhood that has culture and charm, think Albany Park. Albany Park is one of Chicago’s most ethnically diverse neighborhoods with a population of about 53,988 people. Located approximately eight miles northwest of the Chicago Loop, Albany Park is known as being the gateway for immigrants from Asia and Latin America. With a multitude of cultures, one can experience award- winning markets, bakeries, restaurants and retail stores. If entertainment is something essential, there is no shortage of music and theater performances. Transportation in and around the city from Albany Park is not an issue either. Everything is easily accessible from the CTA Ravenswood Blue or Brown Line or via 1-94 Edens Expressways or 1-90 Kennedy. There is even a bike trail along the North Branch of the Chicago River that can take visitors or neighborhood residents in and out of the city.

According to Zillow.com, the current median listing price of a home in Albany Park is $199,900 and the median price of sold homes is $170,825. If renting is an option, the median rent price is $1,250, which is lower than the Chicago median of $1,655.

Albany Park is known throughout Chicago for its cultural diversity, which is evident by the abundance of multicultural restaurants and entertainment.

Shopping and Dining

  • Brasa Roja: Located at 3125 W. Montrose Ave. in Chicago, Brasa Roja is famous for their authentic Colombian cuisine since 1993. The owners pride themselves in the mood they create with Columbian decor throughout the restaurant. Some of the house favorite menu selectionsinclude short ribs, brisket, lamb and red snapper.  However, Brasa Roja is famous for its charcoal chicken, which is essentially rotisserie chicken cooked in a charcoal grill. With a 4 out 5 star rating on Yelp, Brasa Roja is the restaurant to go to for Colombian cuisine.
  • Chicago Kalbi: Located at 3752 W. Lawrence Ave., Chicago, Chicago Kalbi is well known for its Korean barbecue. Patrons are able to cook their food right on the table top grill, providing a fun and entertaining dining experience. The chef takes pride in preparing the highest quality meals for their customers, making Chicago Kalbi one of the best spots to dine in Albany Park.
  • Noon O Kabab: This Albany Park favorite is located at 4661 N. Kedzie Ave. in Chicago. With a 4 out of 5 star rating on Yelp, this Persian restaurant is best known for the kabobs. This family owned restaurant started in 1997, and it has kept the Persian heritage alive in both the food and atmosphere of the restaurant.    

Entertainment and Recreation

  • Albany Park Theater Project: Located at 5100 N. Ridgeway Ave., this theater provides the audience with a multiethnic youth theater ensemble. Its productions are original and tell the stories of real-life immigrants, working-class Americans and urban teens.
  • Multicultural Sculpture Park & Healing Garden at Ronan Park: This magnificent park is located at 3000 W. Argyle St. right along the North Branch of the Chicago River. The park has a path along the river that makes it perfect for a nature walk or bird watching. In 2011, the Multi-ethnic Sculpture Park and Healing Garden was created, which is a community area that schedules cultural activities, free performances and sculptures. The gardens are well maintained, which helps to create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere while visitors are experiencing the many cultures that call Albany Park home.

Historical Attractions

  • Cambodian American Heritage Museum: Located at 2831 W. Lawrence Ave., this unique museum presents the renewal of the Cambodian community and culture in the United States.  The exhibits are revolving and explore the history of Cambodia and the journey for Cambodian–Americans. The museum is an amazing learning experience for all who visit.

Albany Park is a culturally diverse community right here in Chicago. Visitors to the area will come away with a new found understanding of the multi-ethnic population that resides in the area. To learn more about new homes in the Chicago area, click here.

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