Shoot for the Stars at Alder Planetarium

February 25, 2015

SpaceChicago is a vibrant city filled with many amenities and entertainment. Residents enjoy filling their days with all of the diverse activities that the city has to offer. From the different restaurants and local shops to the Shedd Aquarium and Navy Pier, Chicago has something for everyone. Although there are many exciting entertainment options to choose from, one of the things that makes this city unique is the Alder Planetarium.

From the brightness of the sun in the morning to the canopy of stars at night, the sky is filled with endless beauty. Alder Planetarium in Chicago gives guests the opportunity to get up-close and personal with the stars, planets and everything in between. With nine exhibits, shows and programs available, there are many ways to learn at this popular Windy City destination.

Whether you have an entire day or just a few hours to spare, there is so much to explore at the Alder Planetarium including Chicago’s oldest planetarium, Atwood Sphere. Travel back in time at the Historic Atwood Sphere exhibit to experience the night sky over Chicago as it appeared in 1913. Although the stars have not moved since then, it’s harder to see them due to light pollution. Atwood Sphere is 17 feet in diameter and has 692 holes drilled through its metal surface, allowing light to enter to show the positions of the brightest stars in the sky.

After traveling back to the past, visitors can take a leap into the future at Hidden Wonders to see what our night skies could look like for years to come if we take steps to preserve them. This breathtaking exhibit also teaches future generations how to cut down on light pollution.

Or if you’d rather explore what’s happening in the skies right now, take a look at the Our Solar System   exhibit where guests can explore the variety of objects that are currently orbiting our Sun. Other highlights of this exhibit include the opportunity to touch a piece of the Moon, make your own crater and observe the differences between planets, moons, asteroids and more., There is so much to discover at this interactive exhibit.

After exploring the above activities, take a seat in one of the planetarium’s theaters for a unique experience. The domed theater immerses audiences in a spectacular show of space using high-end technology and an all-digital projection system. Destination Solar System is an unforgettable 30-minute tour where guests experience the best of the Solar System. Discover new planets in Undiscovered Worlds and learn about the possibility of more. With six different shows, there is something for the entire family to enjoy!

Want more experiences at this amazing planetarium? Alder Planetarium also has many programs and events. Start your morning with an inspiring yoga class in the Alder’s Grainger Sky Theater where you can relax in the Half Moon position as you gaze at up at constellations, or spend the night underneath the stars and enjoy hands-on activities at Astro-Overnights. Whatever you choose to do, you’re sure to have amazing time at the Alder Planetarium.

Adler Planetarium is open Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. until 4 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 9:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Tickets to visit the planetarium start at $8 for children and $12 for adults. The All-Access Pass, which includes access to all of the exhibits, the Atwood Sphere and your choice of unlimited shows, are $29.95 per child and $34.95 per adult. To purchase your tickets to Adler Planetarium, click here.

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