Baby Boomers Are The Ones To Watch

April 10, 2015

New homeBaby boomers are changing housing trends as they start becoming empty nesters. Looking around and inside their home in Chicago or the Chicago suburbs, they are beginning to realize how hard it is to maintain a larger home, there are just too many stairs or it is no longer the right fit for their current lifestyle.

As baby boomers start to retire and want to spend more time with family and friends, they are in the market to find a new Chicago home that will meet their every wish! Not only do they want something different but less expensive as well. There are seven trends beginning to develop that baby boomers follow as they make this transition.

Paying off the mortgage: baby boomers have worked hard many have been able to pay off their mortgage. They want to own their home and not have to worry about the mortgage once they retire.

Lowering house expenses: once baby boomers retire and become empty nesters, they want to move into something smaller and less expensive. The money they will be saving with a smaller home frees up money to use towards other expenses such as; home renovations, travel and unexpected medical expenses.

Convenience: at this stage of their lives, baby boomers are looking for less house work, less maintenance and less space. They are now typically looking for a one-story house with a more open floor plan. However, they do not want to give up the convenience of modern day appliances. Baby boomers are viewing houses that have more open floor plans with multiple windows, spacious kitchens and energy efficient windows and doors. Stairs are out!

Neighborhood: being able towalk to the grocery store, restaurant or local coffee shop is what baby boomers want in a neighborhood. Now that they are retired and not driving their kids carpool, places within walking distance is essential to the new lifestyle they are looking to pursue.

Renovations: Baby boomers are not afraid of making their home comfortable, stylish and age appropriate. As they get older safety in the home becomes an issue, which means removing throw rugs, adding carpet or hardwood floors and increasing lighting throughout the home.

Remaining independent: this is one of the biggest issues facing baby boomers today. With more and more assisted-living communities being built they have that option to move into that type of residence. However, the majority of baby boomers want to remain in their own home, close to family and friends. They have the option to again renovate their home as appropriate for the situation and if necessary getting the services they need at home.

Remaining close to family and friends: as baby boomers retire, spending time with family becomes a top priority. They want to stay in the area that family and friends live in so their new lifestyle doesn’t exclude the important people that are part of their everyday life.

Remember, now is the start of something new and exciting. Start by moving into a new Chicago home that has all the necessary amenities that will help you live that new and invigorating life style. The baby boomer generation has created these new trends with more to come in the future.

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