August “How To” Marketing Webinar Hosted by mRELEVANCE

July 29, 2015

webinar-design03_300x250mRELEVANCE, LLC will continue the four-part series of “How To” Relevant Marketing Webinars with its third webinar on Tuesday, Aug. 11. The focus of this third installment of the series is “How to Get Feedback from Your Audience.”

Discussion will be focused on the importance of customer feedback, customer relationship management and online brand reputation, and it will be lead by Mitch Levinson, mRELEVANCE Managing Partner. Kelly Fink, VP of Marketing and Online Sales with The Providence Group, will be featured as a special guest in the webinar.

In-depth conversation will be presented by the duo on how to keep customers happy, how to maintain a positive brand reputation and how these ideas and tips fit into a marketing strategy for audience feedback.

mRELEVANCE offers Relevant Marketing Webinars as an educational series to help marketing professionals and business owners expand their marketing expertise. Carol Morgan, Managing Partner with mRELEVANCE says, “With online marketing changing so quickly, it is hard to keep up with all the changes unless you are up to your elbows in it every day. Our free webinars provide the perfect way to roll your sleeves up and find out the latest tactics for marketing your business.”

Client case studies, exit surveys, testimonials and online review sites will be the specific topics covered in the August webinar. Also included in conversation will be rADMIN, the mRELEVANCE in-house back-end website survey tool that better facilitates audience feedback.

Any professional wanting to learn more about starting a conversation with their audience and building relationships will benefit from this webinar. Google search, Facebook reviews and other social media sites, Survey Monkey, Yelp, Yellow Pages and third party rating sites such as Avid Ratings and Guild Quality will all be featured as important tools used in marketing feedback strategy.

Learn more about the importance of creating and maintaining an online reputation and how audience feedback ties into this strategy by registering for the August webinar here.

For more information on mRELEVANCE and its marketing webinars, visit www.MarketingRELEVANCE.com or find us on Twitter @mRELEVANCE and use #HowToMarketingWebinar to connect!

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