It’s June: Tax-Credit Deadline Looms, Home Sweepstakes Begins

June 01, 2010

In April, we talked all about the Federal Home Buyer Tax Credit and how you had to have a contract in place by the end of the month in order to take advantage.

Well, now it’s June, which makes it time to talk about the second deadline involved: To actually get your tax credit, you must close on that contract by the end of this month.

Make sure you have a scheduled closing date, and try to make that date at least a week before June 30. Think of all the people who are going to try to close before the tax credit deadline. Then think of all the homeowners trying to refinance in light of the low mortgage rates.

If there is a delay in your closing for any reason, and you miss the deadline, there will be no tax credit for you.

If you are feeling blue about missing the tax credit entirely, a new sweepstakes could cheer you up.

Three contestants who enter the HomeFinder.com Cash to Close Sweepstakes will win a $10,000, $8,000 or $7,000 cash prize to use on the closing of their next home. The contest starts today and goes through July 15. One of those winners could be you.

Good luck!

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