Chicago’s ‘Big Dream’ Set For Auction

October 25, 2011

We’re taking guesses: How much do you think the Chicago-area’s most expensive home will go for at auction this week?

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Yes, this French-inspired Winnetka estate, currently listed at a record $32 million, is set to go to auction on October 29.

Le Grand Rêve, which translates to ‘The Big Dream’ in French, is a 26,500-square-foot mansion that is modeled after Chateau Villandry in France’s Loire Valley and located on more than two acres of land in the posh North Shore suburb.

Designed by Landry Design Group and completed in 2008, the 26-room home includes six bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, nine fireplaces, two kitchens, a spa, a nine-car garage and a two-story Rotunda with a Tiffany stained glass dome.

Owners Sherwin and Deborah Jarol are selling the property at auction with everything in it, including the home’s furnishings, antiques and artwork.

The auction will be held at the home, 68 Locust Road, Winnetka, on Saturday, October 26 at 6 p.m. It will be conducted without reserve, which means the estate will sell to the highest bidder.

Anyone interested in bidding on this property must deposit $250,000 in an escrow account before the auction.

For more information on the home or the auction, visit conciergeauctions.com or call 877-472-3686.

Then, leave us a comment. How much do you think Le Grand Rêve and all its contents will sell for this Saturday?

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I’m going with $24 million.


If the home hasn’t sold, I can’t see it going for more at auction than the current outrageous asking price. My guess is $21 million.


I’m guessing low. $11 mil.

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