New Twist and Seal Protects Outdoor Decor

November 28, 2011

Twist and Seal, a new product invented by Orland Park entrepreneur Bryan Nooner, protects connected electrical cords from the elements to ensure that your seasonal décor remains powered.

If you’ve ever tried displaying holiday lights around your home’s exterior, you’ve undoubtedly encountered that “groan” moment. It usually comes after the first snowfall or following a night of sleety rain, when you flick the power switch to “on” and nothing happens. Instead of glowing a festive green, red, and white, those tiny bulbs remain dark, serving as a mocking reminder that, despite your best decorating intentions, Mother Nature is the ultimate Grinch.

The culprit? Typically wet or dirty electrical connections between power cords, which can cause a short and trip your GFCI outlet. Most homeowners try to prevent this by sealing their cord connections with electrical tape, but this usually proves to be an imperfect band-aid measure to a niggling problem.

The solution? Twist and Seal, a new product invented by an Orland Park, Ill. entrepreneur Bryan Nooner that protects connected electrical cords from the elements to ensure that your seasonal décor remains powered.

Twist and Seal consists of two commercial-grade hard plastic covers that wrap around the area where two cords join. The two covers snap together and, with a quarter twist of the wrist, lock into place—effectively creating a weather-resistant seal that safeguards the male and female cord ends inside from moisture and debris. Helping to insulate the cords nestled inside is a lining of closed cell foam that seals up any gaps once the outer seal is twisted in place.

The covers are easy to twist on and off for storage and re-use, UV resistant and available in two colors: green to match your foliage and white to blend in with gutters, fascias, and siding. Additionally, Twist and Seal is designed to accommodate a variety of electrical cord sizes from small diameter to large.

“It’s a user-friendly product that’s simple to put on and take off,” said Nooner. “Plus, it’s lightweight, so it won’t cause your cords to sag, and it’s made of commercial grade plastic so it is extremely durable—Twist and Seal is meant to provide years of lasting protection.”

The idea for Twist and Seal dawned on Nooner recently “after experiencing one frustration after another in trying to get my outdoor Christmas lights to work after a wet snowfall or rain shower,” he said. “All it takes is a little moisture at the point where the cords connect together to trip a GFCI outlet, and it seemed to be happening all the time. I would ask neighbors, friends, and family about this, and the responses I got sounded like a broken record—everybody who plugs in something outside experiences the same trouble at some time or another.”

Inspired by what he recognized to be a widespread problem, Nooner carefully researched products on the market designed to address this electrical shortcoming. Finding nothing, he was suddenly motivated to create his own. But first, he needed to gather important consumer feedback.

“I talked to hundreds of people, asking them non-leading questions about their experiences with outdoor lights and décor and the steps they took to keep the electricity flowing properly,” he said. “Nearly every person said they either tried wrapping up cord connections with tape or simply hoping for the best, but inevitably the power would go out when the weather got bad.”

Satisfied that there was a strong demand, Nooner eventually hatched the engineering concept for Twist and Seal. After collaborating with a graphic designer and engineer and talking with several different injection molding companies and intellectual property attorneys, Nooner created and tested numerous prototypes before settling on a final design. He registered a patent (currently pending) and trademark for Twist and Seal, began mass manufacturing the product, rolled out an advertising campaign targeting the Chicagoland market, and recently launched a Web site and online store ( in time for the 2011 holiday season.

“We came to the market too late this year to get Twist and Seal into brick-and-mortar retail stores. But our goal is to build strong word-of-mouth and brand awareness on the product over the next several months so that we can get them on store shelves and make a stronger push in 2012 and beyond,” Nooner said.

Twist and Seal has a Limited time Introductory offer of  two cord protectors for just $9.95 (plus shipping and handling). Expedited shipping is available, and larger quantity orders are eligible for discounted pricing. To order Twist and Seal, or for more information, visit or phone (888) 945-4545.

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