Celebrate Valentine’s Day Safely with Your Pets

February 13, 2012

pet safety on valentines dayHappy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Chicagoland Real Estate Forum. We hope that you have a very special day with your sweetheart. From romantic dinners for two to candy and flowers, Valentine’s Day can cause some challenges for your beloved pets.

Many flowers and candy can be tempting yet poisoning to cats and dogs. If you suspect that your pet may have ingested something harmful, the GVMA urges you to immediately contact your veterinarian. Here are some tips for celebrating while keeping all of your furry best friends safe.

  • Chocolate: Many people receive chocolate on Valentine’s Day, but chocolate is toxic to pets—dogs and cats. The darker the chocolate, the more toxic, but dark, milk, semi-sweet and baker’s chocolates all can cause adverse reactions.
  • Sugar Free Candy: Sugar-free candies and gums often contain large amounts of xylitol, a sweetener that is toxic to pets, especially dogs.
  • Lilies: All species of lily are potentially fatal to cats.
  • Thorns: Thorns on roses or other flowers can be dangerous for dogs or other pets. Biting, stepping on or swallowing stems with thorns increases risk for a puncture, which can result in serious infections internally or externally.
  • Please do not give a loved one a surprise gift of a new puppy or kitten. Sadly, many pets given as gifts end up having to find new homes and this can be stressful to them.
  • Dental Care: Schedule your pet’s dental exam with your veterinarian. February is National Pet Dental Health Month. Bad breath and yellow teeth can be a sign of serious disease in our pets, which may affect their kidneys, livers, and hearts. Oral disease is the most frequently diagnosed health problem for pets, according to the American Veterinary Dental Society.

Tips provided by www.gvma.net. Join GVMA on Facebook and Twitter for veterinary news and pet health tips.

Let us know how you celebrate your Valentine’s Day!

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