Pets Welcome in Many Chicago New Homes

August 05, 2012

Chicago is a city that truly embraces pets. Dog bowls full of water and stores with dog treats can be found throughout the city, and now it seems that pet policies are becoming a thing of the past when it comes to apartment living, too. In fact, go out and get yourself a furry friend because pets are now welcome in many Chicago new homes.

In a recent national survey, nearly 70 percent of renters reported having zero difficulties finding an apartment that allows animals. The report indicates property managers and landlords have realized that not accommodating pets could be a deal breaker for renters, and have taken this feedback into major consideration. Therefore, many landlords and property managers are adjusting their pet policies, and are allowing buildings to accommodate this demand.

Renters, however, may have to shell out more of their own money to have a pet, but it is often a price they are willing to pay. It is also not just pet owners that enjoy the new adjustments to pet policies. The report indicates that more than 34 percent of respondents who do not have pets of their own just take pleasure in living in a pet-friendly building.

Coming home to a happy, four-legged friend is a perfect way to end the day for many people in the city. If you’re interested in searching the Chicago real estate market for pet-friendly housing, be sure to check out site.

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